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connects the audience... (evokes emotional attachment to the picture)

As far as I know, there is no, "science," of music (although I've been interested in it my whole life).  I'm sure its being studied as we speak, but as a subset of psychology, I think its still pretty obscure.  We all, "feel," the effect that music has on us; in the theater, on TV, in advertising, on the radio and culturally, as it surrounds us at Christmas and in various ways throughout the year.

Production music does reminds us of a feeling.  For me, that is the #1 job of production music.  That's why so much advertising music reminds you of some song you've heard.  That's the whole point.


We produce original music; we don't produce knock-offs.  By working to produce new material within a genre, we strive to evoke those same, "familiar feelings."  Music is our bliss, so we want to explore and take it to a new places.  While having fun and channelling that into our music, like composers have done for centuries.

exploring music and emotion

Integrity:   Majestic Hopeful Warm Poignant Heroic Heart Nostalgic Intimate Longing Revelation Respect Introspection Awe Calm Orchestra Western Thematic Romance Strong Documentary 20th Century

Magical Kingdom:   Fantasy Magic Adventure Action Family Cartoon Epic Exciting Wonder Child Dream Whimsical Playful Building Lush Majestic Discovery Intro Travel Triumph Revelation Orchestra Celesta Harp Grand Choir 

Celebration:   Drama Joy Awakening Happy Discovery Childlike Friendship Elation Personal Piano Introspective Profound

The Best Time:   Comedy Party Dance Fun Success Celebration Male Vocal Electric Guitars Retro Freedom Rock

Sneaky Secrets:   Family Comedy Quirky Animated Fanciful Mystery Adventure Playful Magical Wonder Sneak Search Plotting Happy Friendly Energetic Cartoon Orchestra Vibes Pizzicato Woodwinds Fantasy Mischievous Spoof

Uke and Whistle:   Happy Comedy Dance Fun Whistle Ukulele Carefree Travel Celebration Family Cartoon Humor Childlike Warm

De Troit:   Nostalgia Dance Pop Groove Hammond B3 50s 60s 70s Pop Horns Familiar Family Comedy Animation Laid Back Summertime Blues Stabs Campy Celebrate Feel Good Fun Happy Party Motown Variety College Prank Goofing Off Friends Zany

Awakening:   Uplifting Hopeful Synth Orchestra Tension Metallic Drama Dissonant Intro Build Pad Revelation Depressed Wistful Angst Personal New Age Filmic Drifting Persevere Female Soloist High Drone Drama

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