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Ron has written cues for these shows.

Ron James started writing trailer music with Robert Etoll at Q-Factory.  He wrote nearly half of the instant hit albums, "Horror," and "Suspense/Thriller."  The appeal of writing at Q-Factory was the variety of material that Q-Factory excels at.  Ron wrote cues for "Comedy," Sparse & Subtle Setups," "Trailer Intros," "Agitated Action," the famous, "Outrageous Elements," series as well as lots of percussion and rises.  Probably the best thing about Q-Factory was the mentoring from the guy who defines sound design in trailer score, Robert Etoll.

Branching out after many successful years with Q-Factory, Ron met up with the other company that defined the way trailers are scored, Immediate Music.  You can hear Ron's music recorded live at Abbey Road for Immediate Music in a number of trailers including, "Night at the Museum; Secret of the Tomb (@ 1:10)."

Ron's biggest hit, "Whooosh Hit 32," from X-It Music, is a standard in the industry and can be heard in (nearly) every major campaign since it was published.

Ron has written cues that have licensed in advertising for these films:


creative:  Ron James

licensing in US:  Dig It Music

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