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Ghastly Intent, like many of the albums, is an idea based on sound design.

 A sub-mix called, "fragile," is provided for most of the cues.  This fragile mix is the idea and the impetus for the album.

Start with the, "fragile," mixes.  Then listen to the full mixes.  "Ghastly Intent," is meant to be somewhere in-between atmospheric/sFx/drone and melodic, cinematic suspense.  Its a haunting, droning set of textural elements that lean heavily on atmospheric orchestra; primarily strings.  Dark mystery, horror, thriller, suspense and sci-fi elements combined with dissonance and layers of subtle sFx create a searching, questioning sense of suspense.

Listen to this, "fragile," mix of, "Ash and Ruin."  It's drone-like, angsty and almost out-of-tune.

Cuttable with this main mix of the same cue with percussion and an, "Ash and Ruin," theme in the cellos.

Listen to the, "fragile," version of, "Haunting Mystery."  This stuff is made for editors who want to shape their edit.  Its made to layer in or to help transition from cue to cue.

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