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Drone is an album of utility cues; each with a singular drive and intent. Some are simple and almost one dimensional while others writhe or pulse or push with a subtle beat. Lots of sub bass rumble, wide granular sounds and some cues that pulse or alternate on 2 bars for a nice edit flow that still feels like a drone or atmosphere. Keywords in this production are; drone, organic, pressure, intense, surge, dark, sub bass, granular, strings, brass, bell, cymbal, flute, wind, grainy, wide, thick, rusty, distorted, sizzle, whoosh, hit, pulse, beat, rhythm, echo, reverse, climax, horror, action, epic, movement, slicing, metal, swirling, churning, roil, aleatoric, tonal, atonal, cluster, rise, powerdown, sub drop, rumble, ringing, siren, tick, warning, tail.

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