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ToolKit is a collection of 10 albums of categorized sFx.

The Toolkit_cues are all very simple and straight forward utility cues. The droning textures are thick and wide with personality. Look for steps and percussion to break up the atmospheres. These cues are meant to give you an intro or a pad with a build to a climax. granular drone atmosphere

ToolKit_complex are all 2 or more Fx blended into a complex unit. These mini cues are created for transitions, longer ambient stops and ramping action. Look for explosion, metal, ambience, atmosphere, sub drops, powerdowns, whoosh, slam, smash, smack, crash, rumble, distortion and hard stops.

ToolKit_rises are a variety of all new rises that have been carefully crafted to provide something unique as well as a climactic finish. organic, strings, metal, jet, choir, burn, 16ths

Toolkit_darkAmbientTail is a collection of sFx that all end in a dark ambience that will play under your story as it pauses after an extreme hit. thunderous, metal, distorted, hard, whoosh, slam, organic, explode.

Each of the hits and whooshes on Toolkit_longTail have… well, long tails. So, if you need a long, long tail on your sFx. You’ll find it here.

Lots of variety in ToolKit_shortTail. What holds them together is that they stop quickly. Some stop so quickly its almost like they are sucking all the atmosphere out of the room. Some have a subtle tail that can be used or ignored. If you need a hard punch, this set is there for you! metal, ringing, slam, whoosh, hard hits, smacks, steely, torched and punch.

ToolKit_distorted is a collection where some of them just touch distortion and others will create a broken width with edge and grit across the screen. All of these hits are hard and rough. Use these sFx at your own risk.

Toolkit_earthy is an album of gritty, woody, not-quite-metal but quite organic hits, whooshes and slams. There are a variety of ramp lengths both going in and as a tail.

Whooshes, slams, hits, metal, metal, metal is what you will find on ToolKit_metal.

ToolKit_whoosh is a set of explosive whooshes. Ramp variations and length variations. These will get your attention.

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